Preparing Your Garden for Next Year

After the warmer months pass, it’s important to look at the autumn and winter months as a time to plan ahead for your garden when the warm months return. There are many ways you can prepare your garden for the next blooming season and get the most out of your future outdoor space.

Before winter has begun and it’s just starting to become colder, you may want to consider incorporating some compost into your garden. Composting is basically taking organic material, such as kitchen scraps, ripped twigs, or leaves, and adding it to your soil in order to improve its quality. Gardeners who use composting do so because it can improve the soil’s water holding capability and it can improve health and growth in plants. It’s a perfect time to setup composting if you are removing plants that are not able to make it through winter, in order to have high quality soil when the warm months return. Now could be the time to start your own compost heap or actually begin digging existing compost into your beds and borders.

When winter has arrived, it can be a valuable time to reflect on your garden from the previous season and decide what the future will hold for the next year. Instead of working as you go along, consider making a full plan that will entail all the plants, flowers, and even vegetables you want in your garden for the next year. As they say in sport planning prevents poor performance. So get thinking and planning ahead and achieve the best you can.

As you plan your garden ahead of time and decide which plants to include, it will be a huge convenience to grow seedlings of the plants before the warm months arrive again. Seedlings allow the seeds to sprout and begin growing in an environment that gives the best chance of success. After the seeds have sprouted and grown, you can then transfer them to your garden. Just be sure to research this thouroughly so that you meet the needs of every plant specie. You can help seedlings along in their early stages of life quite easily too. Do this by using simple household products to ensure that your plants will grow when the time to restart your garden comes. Simply take an empty egg carton, fill an empty space with soil, and put your seed inside. There must be a hole at the bottom of the carton to ensure any extra water leaks out. Make sure that the soil is always moist. Some plants can take up to 12 weeks to properly grow as a seedling before it can be transferred into your garden so it’s important to look up specific information about the type of plant ahead of time to ensure correct timing.

Obviously using household products like mentioned above can greatly reduce the costs of your gardening but it’s also much better for the environment as you will be recycling and not using lots of the plastic trays you find in many garden centres.

It’s also worth remembering that hiring an expert garden designer is something that can help you plan ahead. Their knowledge of plants, shrubs, flowers and lawns is incredible and their ability to prepare your garden for next spring will bring incredible results.

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