Designing a Low Maintenance Garden

It seems that in this current day and age, particularly with the economic slump, that nobody has much spare time. If they do, people don’t want to spend much of that precious free time on the DIY jobs that maintain house, home and garden. Of course we all like to enjoy our homes and spend time relaxing in the garden so having a low maintenance yet stunning outdoor space is the key to this challenge.

Spend a minimal amount of time maintaining your luscious back garden and more time enjoying it with a glass of your favourite wine and your closest friends and family. For this to happen you have to design a low maintenance garden in the first place. Obviously this is easier said than done but with expert designer help it is possible to get this balance right and end up with a maximum beauty for minimum work.

In your low maintenance design firstly think about the elements of gardening that take a long time to complete and those elements of gardening that you have two repeatedly do, such as weeding. Spending hours on your hands and knees removing weeds every weekend is perhaps not how you would like to spend your day off. So why not speak to a designer about potential ground coverage that helps to diminish weed growth. Most commonly people use some form of breathable fabric layer on top of soil that is then covered with decorative wood chip bark. The breathable fabric layer allows water through to the soil below yet prevents sunlight reaching any weeds. Without sunlight they simply cannot grow, yet the fabric can be shaped or punctured where necessary to allow the plants you want to flourish access to sunlight.

Large flower beds or enormous borders can also mean many hours of maintenance. Have you considered designing and creating some form of rock garden instead of the traditional border? Rock Gardens again cut down on the amount of weeding and suitable alpine plants used in decorative rock areas are also hardy and incredibly low maintenance.

Even adding the two simple solutions mentioned above can greatly reduce the amount of time you need to spend maintaining your outdoor space. However the design and placement of a rock garden and the use of wood chip as soil coverage takes careful consideration. Simply placing these elements anywhere in an outdoor space can cause a real eyesore. So ensure you work closely with an experienced garden designer that can get you maximum results with minimal work.
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