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Garden Design In The Winter

When you look out at your garden during the winter, it sometimes can be seen as a slightly dull space or certainly a space that doesn’t get used that much during the cold weather. However, the winter months can give designers a lot of different options for further expanding your garden. There are many options for vegetables, flowers, and other plants to survive and grow during winter months. As long as you prepare your harvests correctly, you will be sure to get maximum value out of your winter garden.

No matter what the season, there are a wide variety of plants that can be grown. If you are looking for delicious, fresh vegetables to add to your dinner or lunch, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and spinach all can handle temperatures that are below freezing. If you want a more visually appealing look, flowers such as Winter Aconite, Witch Hazel, and Snowdrop Flower all grow best during winter months. These flowers will be able to compliment your different vegetables visually and will look great in the sparkling white frost!

In order to allow the best growing conditions for your plants to ensure their survival through winter, it is recommended you add a few features to your garden. Mulch can be a strong protector against the cold weather for your plants because it evenly distributes temperatures in the soil. If you have issues with your soil freezing, applying mulch is highly recommended. When mulch is added before soil freezes, the mulch can help protect the temperature of the soil helping your plants to remain at a more stable temperature. Mulch also helps block sunlight that may reach your soil in unwanted areas. By blocking sunlight, possible weeds, fungus, and other plant diseases are better blocked from growing. Another way to protect your winter plants from the harsh wind environments is a wind cover to help increase the temperature for your plants or a teepee/clotch can be added over your harvests to protect from snow or rain.

If you want to simply be prepared for the best Spring garden ahead of all your neighbors, you can apply the different gardening tips during winter. By assuring that you have seedlings prepared ahead of time, you will be able to plant and start your spring garden while everyone is only starting out. If you are missing the taste of fresh vegetables or the visually appealing look of flowers, many plants will do great in your garden this winter. As long as you make sure your plants are properly protected, you can enjoy a flourishing garden all year round!

Enjoy Your Garden All year Round

Regardless of the season, your garden can be enjoyed all year round. Many gardeners think that once the warm months of Summer and Spring are over, it is difficult to get outside and find the right plants to grow or difficult to spend time in your garden. However, it’s far from the truth because every season is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the garden you worked so hard on.

When the weather has shifted, some individuals decide that it is just better to stay inside and keep warm instead of going outside. Instead of this scenario, consider how you can enjoy the cold weather and get outside in your winter wonderland. This can be done with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit quite easily. The hot blazing fire will keep you and your loved ones warm, while illuminating your beautiful garden in all its magnificence. Your winter plants and flowers that can handle extreme cold will sparkle from their frost in the chilly air as you stay warm by the fire. Obviously building a fireplace is easier said than done and of course you need to choose the right style, look, building materials and location. Getting in touch with a garden designer is probably the right thing to do at this point so that your fireplace is built correctly, gives off loads of heat and becomes a beautiful feature of your garden.

There are of course alternatives such as the popular patio heaters you see in many garden centres. These can be very effective and they can give off a lot of heat. However personally I feel that these simply dont make much of a feature and certainly dont look as nice as an open fireplace. Getting into your garden and enjoying time with friends and family has to be a novelty, there has to be some kind of feature to draw you out. Crowding under a patio heater isn’t quite as enticing as sitting around a fireplace and tosting marshmallows whilst sipping hot chocolate!

If you feel definite on the fact that you will not be going outside in colder weather, you may want to consider moving some of your garden into your home. Pots of all sizes can be purchased at your local garden store and it is fairly simple to move a plant from your garden to your home. By moving your plant into your home, you can enjoy the beautiful colors and smells of the plants regardless of the time of year. Obviously you may not want to go around digging up half of your garden but if you aim to include potted plants in parts of your garden during the srping and summer then it is quite easy to bring these into parts of the home during the colder months.
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