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Should You Hire Low Cost Garden Designers?

Improving either a front or rear garden can dramatically increase the appeal of any home. A great outdoor space that can be used for entertainment and visual impact is a much sought after element by any home owner. However to achieve something stunning many people will need to hire a professional garden designer to plan, prepare complete a beautiful design. Obviously a budget is always needed for such projects and with a host of designers to choose from should you hire a low-cost individual or should you push the boat out a little more?

Many people faced with this dilemma will simply look at the budget they have for their project and simply choose a designer accordingly. However this is not always the best route to follow as hiring the right person to work on your garden requires a little more attention to detail.

Now don’t go thinking that I am going to suggest that the bigger your budget the better, I’m not. Many people with incredibly large projects and funds to match simply hire the most expensive designer thinking they will be the best and this isn’t always the case. Obviously hiring the cheapest designer is not the solution either as they may not have the design flair, experience or knowledge to give you the garden design you want.

The process must be all about your dreams, desires and how you want everything to look. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that you hire a designer that the field can provide you with this. Why not sit down with several different people or different companies, talked to them about you want and show them around your garden and property. Usually within a few days each individual will be able to come back to you with some incredible drawings and plans along with a price quote for the project. This will instantly give you a better idea as to which person you should be hiring.

You may find their certain people you can disregard straight away, for example you could disregard an incredibly expensive company that simply didn’t listen to your wishes and you could very quickly disregard below standard designers who submit poor plans for you to look over.
If you find a designer that has listened to your every wish and presented them well in their plans, then this is the person to go for. If they are not within your budget, begin bartering with them and see what happens. With a compromise here and there you could get a designer of your dreams without breaking the bank or settling for someone who is low-cost and below your standards.

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Why Hire A Landscape Designer?

A good quality landscape designer can give you vast knowledge about your future garden and save you a lot of time, that alone is worth the hire! But when you decide that a designer could be helpful to you, it’s important that they are experienced and qualified for the job that you need. Once you find the right person, the job is now in their expert hands as they create your ideas and dreams. Being experts, qualified and experienced at what they do, it’s going to look great incredible!

When you are hiring a landscape designer to help you with your lawn and garden organization, they bring a multitude of expertise to the project. The person you select should have a certification in landscape design of some sorts, where they learned a diverse group of skills that will allow your garden and landscape to look its very best. As well as understanding what plants, shrubs and flowers will work best with your design the individual will also have vast knowledge on several different pests and diseases, as well as chemicals and treatments to prevent them. Also, they have developed and practiced skills for spacing out and organizing various landscape structures and plants to give the most visual appeal. On top of that, these professionals have great experince when working with clients just like you and they enable your garden to be fully mapped out ahead of time, with scale drawings, images and diagrams to ensure that everything you want and need in your garden will be attained.

It’s important to find a landscape designer that has past experience with working specifically with gardens and not just someone that is literally going to dig, move and shape your land. You will need someone that knows not only how to landscape but also someone that knows how to plant a garden correctly, how to accessorize and how to ensure it thrives all year round. When you explain to a landscape designer what you would like in your garden, allow the person to show you examples of previous work done. This way, you can make sure that your designer is qualified to complete the type of job that you are looking to get done.

A lot of stress is relieved by hiring an expert to help you complete or redesign your garden. In order to take a garden to its full potential, many hours and workdays are required and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you may not be getting your garden to it’s maximum potential in looks and diversity. However, when a professional garden expert is working on your project, you can rest assured that the results will be wonderful and perhaps even surpass your expectations.
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A designer who can transform your garden and outdoor space into something you couldn’t even imagine!

Chelsea Garden Show Winners

Every year the different gardens at the Chelsea Garden Show will surprise you with their beauty and uniqueness. Thousands of people come to see the show including some members of the royal family and each garden features a different theme consisting of different flowers and plants. Horticulture experts design the entire gardens from start to finish using their creativity and resourcefulness with excellent recognition landing on many deserved winners throughout the show.

There are several categories that every garden falls under, and they can win specific awards under each category and every category grants four levels of awards such as gold, silver-gilt, silver and bronze. Special awards are also up for grabs for gardens that meet certain standards, including Best City Garden Award, Best Courtyard Garden Award, Best Chic Garden Award and Best Show Garden Award among others.

Gardens that exhibit vegetables and herbs fall under another category and the winners from this category encourage people to grow their own fruits and vegetables right in their own garden at home and fuse this with decorative plants throughout their garden. Winners from the Lindley category, those that showcase educational or scientific interests use unique technologies that promote resourcefulness and sustainability. Some even built a home office within the garden, using a solar paneled roof for its source of power. It inspires visitors to do the same by creating their own work environment around nature. All other winners from the different categories boast extraordinary designs and purposes that are simply impressive and inspiring, so if you ever get the chance to have an award winning designer work in your garden then snap up their offer before someone else does!

Chelsea Garden show winners exhibit innovative designs that are overall pleasing to the eye and those that deserve an award must not only have a concept that is out of the box, but also one that gives people a one of a kind experience when they visit the garden. Many of the participants have successfully integrated modern elements into the natural beauty of their plant design, giving it a completely distinctive feature. Some of the gardens that won award stimulate the senses of people visiting the garden, or compensate for those that lack one such as hearing or eyesight.

The winners from the Chelsea Garden Show demonstrate intricate creativity and reveal the cultural and social values. It’s amazing how the winners exhibit and give these discoveries and experiences to their visitors year after year with consistently fresh ideas and inspiration.

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Garden Design Service London – Giving You The Best

It is a great pleasure on wet, dark winter evenings to browse through books of garden design, to read Penelope Hobhouse and look at photographs of glorious gardens.  It is delightful to think – yes, that is what I want and that should be possible. But the gardens that are photographed were not accomplished without a great deal of hard labour and for most of them the labour is ongoing. Rudyard Kipling, himself a keen gardener, put it well:

Our England is a garden and such gardens are not made by saying “Oh, how beautiful” and sitting in the shade.

Very true, but, one of the main advantages of a city garden is that if the original design is of the very best, it is then relatively easy to maintain. 
The best in terms of garden design does not necessarily mean the best for the Chelsea Flower Show or indeed for inclusion in the best selling garden design books. The best design for any garden is the design that takes into full account what the owner wants from the garden, how much time, and money, the owner is prepared to spend and how easily the site’s limitations can be adapted to the owner’s aspirations.

City gardening is quite unlike any other form of gardening. You cannot realistically bring in trailer-loads of manure to a modern city garden. Even if you could, very few city-dwellers have either the time or the inclination to do the deep double trenching so beloved of country gardeners and allotment holders. For most city people the garden is usually a place where they want to relax, not their main recreation. It is a place to relax and unwind with a glass (or two!) of wine, not a place where you wanting to breaking into a sweat for hours every weekend.

However, to achieve a garden which requires only the most pleasant tasks from the owner and yet looks like a garden and neither an overgrown wilderness not a parking lot, is more difficult that most novices realise and this is where an excellent design service can help out.
You see a professional garden designer and expert is not only able to plan and build any garden style but they are able to sympathetically listen to all of your needs and desires for your garden. Than they can deliver something that enriches the quality if your life and all without giving you more work to do!

Garden Designers in London – What to Expect From London’s Finest

If you employ one of London’s finest garden designers you will need to be prepared to pay a fair price for the service. In return, however, you will receive a design, and almost certainly the implementation of that design, which is of top world class quality. The top London garden designers have created a unique style of city garden design, drawing strongly on themes from architecture and sculpture and from gardening traditions from all over the world. As you know London is a city that stands alone in its unique fields of architecture, music, culture, interior design and this all reflects in the world leading quality of garden design too.

London is a cosmopolitan city and the top city gardens reflect this. There are city gardens whose themes reflect the Japanese tradition, the Islamic tradition, the Mediterranean tradition; there are gardens whose themes are based on Buddhist meditation and on modern minimalist philosophical ideas.  There are gardens adapted to penthouse suites and gardens adapted to courtyards and mews.

This is above all what you may expect from a top city garden designer, that the garden will have a strong central theme and that this is intended to be maintained throughout the garden’s existence.

On the practical side, you may also expect that the designer will have chosen that theme after prolonged study of the site, its aspect and exposure to both wind and sun, its soil if it has any, its drainage, the ease with which materials may be brought in, the general surroundings and potential neighbour problems, and the future maintenance of the garden.

As well as these practical aspects the designer will have a deep knowledge of plants and of the architectural use of plants. They will be skilled in using the features of the building and of walls, terraces or balconies to enhance the design of the garden. They will have a strong awareness of how the sunlight will catch a particular area at a particular season and of how to make the most of this.

In addition to all these creative and practical abilities, a top designer is likely to have a gift for interpreting what the owner actually wants from the garden and to turn those, often rather vague, impractical ideas into a top London garden that will be the owner’s pride and joy.
And of course all of this can be achieved with minimal stress and interruption to your life and of course it can maintained and cared for with very little work if that is what you desire.
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A designer who can transform your garden and outdoor space into something you couldn’t even imagine!

Garden Design Planning – How Can an Expert Help You?

For years you have muddled along happily with the garden and not had any doubts about whether it was working. What went wrong? Why did you suddenly feel it was all a mess? What happened?

You starting visiting gardens. That was when the rot set it. Why doesn’t my garden look like this? Why isn’t my garden like something out of a Monet painting?

Or, you have come to gardening fresh, full of enthusiasm and the contents of Uncle Titmouse’s latest book.  Why then does every single thing you put in lie down and die a painful death. What did you do wrong? 

Either of these scenarios means that the time has come to think about getting in a garden designer. Why? Because they are problem solvers. There is no such thing as a garden that does not have problems; the problems of its soil, its light, its aspect, its drainage and the problem of what exactly the owner wants the garden for.  This is where the expert comes in.

They also have a profound knowledge of seasonal planting and which plants will go well together; their three-foot tall asters are not going to be hidden by the six-foot tall monkshood, as happened last year, nor are their beds suddenly going to look all bare in August after being so beautiful in July.

What you are getting is the sort of knowledge and expertise that many gardeners do indeed have, but which takes them many years of trial and error to acquire.  The avoidance of the trial and error method is what getting in the expert is all about.

They do not need to spend these years working out which plant does best where, which things simply will not grow in this soil or in this part of the world, which plants complement each other and which ones look dreadful together.  They come with all this expertise and knowledge ready-prepared.

Ah but, you say, garden designers are for those who can afford them, not for me. Maybe, but have you worked out how much you have already spent on the garden?  How many valuable bulbs that never made it? How many expensive plants that showed their immediate disgust of the soil by turning pale and wan?  How many bags of compost or fertiliser that never produced these vigorous, healthy plants? How many books, each of which was going to tell you what to do but never quite did?

The garden designer will give you a design and a planting scheme that will actually work – they can’t afford not to – their business depends on their reputation.  In the end of the day, it is cheaper than the 20 year trial and error method, it adds value to your house, and it will give you a stunning garden.

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Small Garden Designers – What type of Designer should you hire

In some ways a small garden is more difficult to design than a large one.  Several very skilled designers on a large scale, accustomed to grand country houses with sweeps of lawn and parkland, come a cropper when faced with a tiny city garden.  There is no place for the skills of a Capability Brown in a London courtyard garden.

A small garden has specific problems.  The boundaries are only too evident and a good designer will tackle this straightaway, by suggesting, for example, climbers or  screens of plants such as bamboo.  So hire someone who shows an immediate awareness of this.  Another problem is that a small garden lacks the hidden spaces of a larger area.  You need a designer who will look at every square foot and decide what to do with it.

When hiring a designer for a small garden, therefore, concentrate on designers who specialise in city gardens.  You need to give considerable thought as to what it is you actually want before looking for a designer.  It is tempting to feel that this is the designer’s job and all you want is someone to do something with this troublesome area outside for which you cannot, yourself, see a solution.  A designer will find a solution, but it is only going to suit you if you have given the designer at least some guidance.  

If what you want is a place to sit out with no actual gardening at all, then you need someone who basically designs with stone or other non-organic materials, an architectural approach rather than a plantsman’s.  There are some stunning gardens where the only “garden” element is a trouble- free lemon tree in a pot. (Trouble free because it is hired and replaced by other trees in pots when it needs attention.) 

If, on the other hand, you want to be able to do some active digging and pruning and tending the garden yourself, it is important to choose a designer who is not just an artist but has a deep understanding of plants and their requirements and is able to analyse the type of soil and conditions in your garden.  There is no point in having a designer who recommends acid loving plants because of their splendid colours if you are living on a limestone soil.

Above all, hire someone whose previous work has been sustainable.  Chelsea Flower Show small gardens may look wonderful for the days of the show, but they do not need to look wonderful three years later.  Your garden designer needs to have in his portfolio gardens that lasted!

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Large Garden Designers – Make sure you hire a design expert

In a small garden design mistakes are relatively easily rectified.  It is irritating to discover that the designer did not take account of the fact the sun in the northern hemisphere moves from east to west, but you don’t need to change the sun, just the position of the bench.

In a large garden, a designer’s mistakes can be catastrophic.  Ripping out an old hedge could allow a sheltered garden to be flattened by gales. Felling trees without due regard to the effect on the water table could flood a carefully designed sunken herb garden.  Earth-moving done without due regard to the soil could leave you with all the topsoil deep underground and a barren waste of subsoil at the surface.  Garden and landscape designing has become a growth industry and it is vital to employ someone who has a proven track record.

Above all, judge your designer by what he has already done.  Try to find examples of large gardens which he designed five or more years before and judge him by these.  A freshly designed garden will look just that – fresh.  It may have new lawn turf laid on a poor surface, which will look fine for a year, but not for five.  In any garden design, large or small, the designer should have an awareness of the future development of the garden; he should have a plan for its five or ten year development; he should be able to provide artist’s impressions of how high the trees will grow, how wide the hedges, how quickly the bulbs will naturalise in the grass.  A design is not an immediate answer; it must be sustainable.

If you would really prefer to give a younger designer who is just setting out a chance to show what he can do, make absolutely sure that he has served a proper apprenticeship with a well-known and experienced expert.  Employing a younger and less experienced designer could be terrifically exciting and successful (how old was Lutyens when he started working together with Gertrude Jekyll?) but make sure that he is very fully qualified and has a strong understanding not only of horticulture but of geology and hydrology – these are the areas where the worst catastrophes can occur.

Above all, make every attempt to speak to other people he has worked for.  If they have been fully satisfied, they are likely to be happy to talk about it!

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London City Gardeners – top of their game

In inner London a record is currently being compiled of ancient apple trees.  A surprising number of old, moss-grown, unnamed and neglected apple trees have been discovered, in tiny patches of churchyard all but swallowed up in surrounding development, in tiny backyards, in these odd little squares that one finds surviving throughout the city.  Indications of the many orchards that once grew inside London itself, they are now being listed, protected and nurtured.

There is a London borough where an abandoned walled garden has been lovingly brought back to full production.   It produces barrowloads of fresh vegetables, fruit, and cut flowers and has become a haven for wild birds and butterflies.  This has not in any way been done as a commercial venture; it is not a “Garden Centre” full of mass-produced plants, weedkillers, insecticides, black polythene and bark mulch.  Nobody is making any money out of the walled garden – indeed the Borough has lost money over it.  But over a period of five years thousands of school children from local comprehensives have spent time working in the garden.   For many of them it was their first contact with soil other than that of a football ground, with seeds, and with growing plants. This has been both the garden’s labour force and  the prime reason for its restoration; the introduction of young city-dwellers to the delights, the frustrations and the rewards of gardening.

In other London areas, a group of dedicated enthusiasts are sowing seeds wherever there is a patch of waste ground.  Clearly, waste ground in modern London does not remain waste for long – these are development sites.  But for a few months there will be campion, cornflowers, poppies, michaelmas daisies, marigolds,   There will be nectar for the bees and butterflies, seedheads and aphids for the birds and a little of the English countryside inside the city.

The people who have inspired these initiatives are not award-winning garden designers, but, they most certainly are city gardeners at the top of their game.

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