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Contemporary Back Gardens and You

Staying in your garden, it suddenly dawns on you how you would like to have the contemporary back garden design in your home instead of the old-fashioned look you see each time you spend time in your backyard. But then the problem is, you know little about garden designing and you worry that the budget you may allow for the landscaping or renovation might just go down the drain at the end of the day or simply not stretch far enough.

So you have been thinking about what you can do to find the best garden designer that can help you fix or patch up your garden until you came across this article, right? Fortunately for you this article will discuss what it takes to transform a traditional garden into the contemporary garden that every home owner likes. Consider the following tips and tricks on how you can finally get that modern look for your garden:

1. Create A Balance
Regardless of what garden design or theme you may have in mind, it is very important to realise the element of balance in your back garden. This is achieved by balancing functionality or practicality with the looks of your garden. There are several instances when a garden is so poorly designed that staying there does not become a relaxing passtime or activity for the members of the family or even for the guests who may have been invited over. Keep in mind the importance of balance in your garden and you will have a cozy, inspirinh yet peaceful garden within the boundaries of your home.

2. Ensure Your Privacy
In addition, you must also take into consideration that there will be no threats to your privacy when it comes to staying there for the whole day or for a long time. Ask your garden designer; that is, should you be hiring one that you are particular about your privacy especially if you want the garden to provide you with that peaceful feeling of escapism and tranquility. Perhaps they can address such a concern by adding taller trees or bushes against the fencing or perimeter. Also, if you live in a community where the street is noisy, having tall trees in your garden can help to reduce noise level considerably; not to mention absorb all the air pollutants that may be in the atmosphere.

3. No Too High-Maintenance Garden
Most importantly, make sure that you have a garden that is low cost in terms of maintenance. Find garden tools and kits you will need for all your gardening activities such mowing, weeding, planting and the upkeep of pergolas, furniture sets that will match with your garden as well as the decking kits you will need. Another way of ensuring you do not spend too much on your garden is by planting all the flowers and the shrubs yourself. Make sure you place them in a spot where they will get ample exposure to the elements they need. Of course all maintenance tips can be learned through experience, good books and of course the internet. But working with a good designer will ensure that they tailor every aspect of your design to suit your maintenace requirements. So if you want minimal work to do then a professional can provide you with plants that need little looking after.

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London Summer Gardens – Some Top Tips for Exquisite Gardens

All winter the garden on which you spent so much time and thought last year has looked rather bleak, either frozen solid or dripping wet.  The bought-in plants that gave so much delight in their first year look distinctly less fresh and healthy, there seem to be dead leaves rotting on all the lovely stone benches and the joys of having a garden seem but a distant memory.  Was it all a waste of time?  Do you need to start from the beginning again, buying more plants, doing more digging, planning afresh – this was supposed to be a pleasant, leafy, low-maintenance area in which you could sit with a glass of wine before dinner, enjoying the scents but not having to do too much else.

And so it will be again.  Once you have established your garden, the hard work is done.  It will blossom again year after year, but it will blossom even better if you give it some minimum care and attention before the growing season starts.  Choose a sunny day and cut down all the dead stalks, trim all the bushes back by a couple of inches all round (this encourages new growth) and rake up the dead leaves.  In the middle of the city you cannot indulge in the delights of a sweet-smelling garden fire, but, if you have room, you can pile up all these trimmings, clippings and leaves into a neat pile in a corner until they break down into a pleasant crumbly leaf-mould which, next winter, you will be able to spread round your flowering bushes as a soil improver.  If you haven’t got room, they have to be green-bagged.

Next, feed all your plants with bone-meal (one small packet is ample) – this is an organic fertiliser which breaks down slowly in the ground, replenishing the nutrients which healthy plants need.   Sprinkle about a tablespoonful of bone meal round every tree, bush and clump of perennial flowers in your garden.  Now spread a thick layer of crumbly compost (easily bought from garden centres) around each plant.  This works as a mulch – by the end of winter the ground will be wet and this layer of compost keeps it moist.  It will also be taken down by the worms to the roots and so all your plants will be fed with minimal labour on your part.

This annual, relatively simple trimming and feeding will repay you in full with plants bursting with health and vigour, summer after summer.

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Garden Designs and Ideas – from bachelor pads to garden kitchens

Even if you only have a patio, a terrace or a balcony, you can create a garden in the centre of the city. Not only a garden, but an outdoor room in which you can sit, relax and entertain. Your very own Eden.

If your outdoor area is north facing and gets no sunlight, it is more difficult, but you can still turn it into a green area by growing shade-loving plants.  Most of these are moist condition plants so the planting can be combined with creating a water feature. Plant a variety of ferns to give a variety of leaf types and different heights and shapes. The giant holly fern grows to a height of 4 feet, the ostrich feather fern grows to three feet, other British ferns such as the maidenhair and the marginatum group have heights between 18 inches and two feet.They need a slightly acidic soil, so plant them in compost designed for growing rhododendrons or azaleas.

If, however, your terrace garden is flooded with sunlight, you can have not only a garden but a productive garden. Cherry tomatoes, aubergines and peppers both sweet and hot, are all decorative plants that will grow happily in containers. Oriental salad leaves, rocket and baby spinach grow in boxes, beans and peas will cover a trellis with their roots in growbags. Pots of marigolds will bloom throughout the summer and attract bees to help with pollination. Bushes of rosemary and sweet bay and small pots of parsley, coriander and thyme can be massed together in a corner. You could fill a whole salad bowl from your own garden. You can grow an olive tree out of doors in a small southern garden, but move it indoors for the winter, and don’t expect to get any olives from it!

Your kitchen garden can become your garden kitchen. The outdoor kitchen in the American style, where even the kitchen sink has moved out, hasn’t really caught on in Britain, but cooking and eating outside certainly have, even on a cool evening, with outdoor heaters, gas barbecues and gel fired firebowls. If you have planted some honeysuckle and evening jasmine, both of which will cover a wall and scent the evening air, you have the perfect romantic setting.

Modern Garden Design Ideas You Must Have

Outdoor space to any property is incredibly important and luckily there are an unlimited amount of modern garden design is to suit every person and every property. But there are certainly some features that every garden must have, small touches that must be included and design ideas that are not to be missed.

Here are a few of our ‘must have’ recommendations.

Firstly we highly recommend that you include a seating area and we are not talking about your average patio and park bench. Think more along the lines of contemporary seating designs that can be integrated into the garden itself. Imagine a low retainer wall that is built to a perfect seat height and capped off with smooth stone, slate or even made to measure cushions. These types of seating designs work perfectly in a corner as it creates a permanent seating and social feature.

Secondly it is imperative that you think about lighting. These could be electrically or solar powered, they could light up certain features within the garden or illuminate entire area is enabling you to socialise outside long after the sun has set. Think about the different moods you can create with effective lighting and even consider the colours of your lights. One feature I personally love to see in a garden design is the use of floor level up-lighters to highlight larger trees or feature walls.

Finally why not consider the levels of your garden and I am not referring to whether your garden is flat or not. Instead think about having raised or lowered sections, lawns, walkways and planting areas. An idea might be to have raised decking walkway that leads you through a garden in an elevated position. Another idea might be to have several steps or terraces that lead and focus your eye to a raised and central location.

Obviously a professional garden designer will be able to advise you more once they visit your property and take a look at your garden. Even including one of the modern garden design ideas we have written about will help you achieve an incredibly contemporary look.

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Modern Garden Design Ideas – Looking Forward

Nowadays, gardens are not just limited to a place wherein you can grow plants and shrubs.  It has also become an extension of the house usually used for relaxing and entertaining.  This is how traditional gardens have evolved into modern gardens.

Today, you see a lot of gardens with areas specifically designed for entertaining.  This is the modern touch that adds charm to one’s garden.  The whole place not only becomes a showcase for the healthy and thriving plants but also a place where the owner of the house can usher his guests for some relaxation and camaraderie. 

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You can also make your garden have a modern look by setting aside a place where you can place some furniture.  This can be achieved with the help of furniture and lights that is manufactured for this purpose.  You can go to your local gardening store to check out these things or you can go online to get some ideas on what to add to your place.

Choose a spot where there is ample shade so that you and your guests do not have to sit under the heat of the sun if you are set on having an afternoon barbeque party.  Do not forget to place some flooring that can withstand the elements of nature.  Treated wood flooring is great for this.  You can also add a bar and a couple of stools so that you do not have to go back and forth to the main house just to get cold drinks. 

Modern Garden Design

For the guests to have a place to sit, you can put some outdoor lounge chairs and one or two tables with matching chairs.  You can also add outdoor umbrellas so that the party can go on even if it is drizzling.  A nice feature that can add character to your place is a small campfire in the middle so that the kids can also have fun roasting marshmallows.

A modern garden design idea surely fits today’s lifestyle.  It becomes an extension of the house that can be utilized and not only as a feature that makes your place look beautiful.  This can be achieved with a bit of rearranging, a few pieces of furniture and the help of modern garden design ideas.

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Contemporary Garden Ideas – Original and Unique

Gardens make nice additions to houses.  There is just something relaxing about seeing thriving and lush greenery that sits adjacent or around a structure.  The flowers that blooms come spring add a profusion of colors that just cannot be replicated by paint.

However, we are not as blessed to have a big space as before. A lot of houses have limited spaces for gardens at the back or front of the house.  Also a lot of us have no choice but to live in a concrete structure with no space for a garden at all.   You do not have to fret because there are contemporary garden ideas that you can implement which blend the existing elements like concrete and stone making it one impressive place.

Contemporary garden ideas are usually characterized by having concrete and marble slabs and stones incorporated into the whole design.  Some contemporary gardens even have an artificial waterfall that becomes the central element of the whole design. The cement is usually used as the receptacle of the plants and the marble slabs as the pathways that will lead you to the other parts of the garden. 

Small spaces are usually the ones that utilize contemporary garden ideas.  The great thing about this look is that even if you have a limited space, you can still enjoy a bit of greenery in your place.  You just have to make do with what you have by placing the plants in strategic places around your small space. Instead of filling the whole place with plants, you can just place it along the borders.

Another element that will add character to your garden is adding lighting fixtures in strategic places around it.  This allows you to be able to use the space even at night.  It also adds to the overall mood of the place. 

Contemporary garden ideas allow us to have gardens even with the limited space that we have. It softens the look of the concrete jungle that we are in with the greenery that breaks the gray color of the place.  It makes our place livelier, colorful and adds another dimension in our space.

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