Best Way to Design a Garden

So you’re looking out on your garden, perhaps it is completely basic, perhaps it is wildly out of control or perhaps it is beautiful but simply not how you want it. At this point you’re probably thinking just how you can change your garden so it looks just how you want it, but what is the best way to design a garden and just exactly where do you begin?

Well just like any other building, design or refurbishment projects the whole thing can seem very daunting and almost impossible when you’re standing at the beginning of the project. However try not to get confused in all of the fine detail as this doesn’t have to be your task and it certainly shouldn’t be your task right now.
At this very moment you should be thinking about the end result, the way you want your outdoor space to be, the way you want it to make you feel and exactly what you want it to look like. It’s time to get creative so why not grab some blank sheets of paper, your favourite pencil and start sketching. Your sketches don’t need to be scale drawings, but do outline the basic shape of your garden and begin drawing in some of your ideas.

Perhaps you want the seating area for entertaining friends and family, include this in your birds eye view sketch with a simple outline. What shape you want your seating area to be? Will it be perfectly laid and regular slabs, maybe smaller block paving or even a wooden decked area? Again your sketches don’t have to be too detailed just outline your ideas.

Repeat this process for other areas, think about features that will draw your eye, think about some basic planting areas and what type of look you are going after. You don’t need to know exactly what plans or trees to include just yet, you could simply think about colours, height and shape. Do you want all year round colour from your garden plants? Would you like tall strong trees or more delicate ornamental ones?

Just begin to sketch and let your imagination run free, because the next step is where it gets even more exciting. Now is the time to contact the garden designer, where they can come and spend some time with you in your garden. Show them your sketches and talk about the dreams you have for your property. From your simple paper and pencil plans they will instantly be able to see what you want at the end result.

Give them a few days and they can turn your sketch into a detailed design plan, in full colour. All of the fine details, plans, scale drawings and project management will be handled by a professional designer, leaving you to simply enjoy the end result.

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